CORUM Investments: Diversification in a 7 billion Euro portfolio

Established in 2011 in Paris, CORUM Investments is an award-winning financial institution renowned for its innovative and diversified approach to commercial real estate investment. With a staggering portfolio worth over 7 billion euros, CORUM has solidified its status as a titan in the global real estate market, navigating its intricacies with resilience and foresight.

Their success lies in a proven strategy that focuses not merely on acquiring assets, but also on maintaining them in optimum condition and building long-lasting relationships with tenants. CORUM's richly diversified portfolio spans 17 countries and 7 sectors, thus demonstrating an astute understanding of risk and reward in unpredictable market environments.

Backed by a team of more than 250 dedicated professionals stationed across 7 international offices, CORUM is committed to sustainably driving value creation for its clients. Their relentless pursuit of this mission underscores the company's unwavering dedication to client success and satisfaction. Through their strategic approach to asset management, CORUM has reassured investors that they remain a reliable steward of their capital, even in face of the fluctuating real estate market. Moreover, their consistent performance demonstrates the efficacy of their model in delivering robust returns over time.

Strengthening market presence: Digiblend & CORUM Investments collaboration for Dutch branche

In an innovative move to further consolidate its market presence and drive revenue, CORUM Investments has forged a strategic partnership with Digiblend. This collaboration aims to take full advantage of the digital landscape in order to enhance CORUM Investment's footprint in the Dutch branche. With a deep understanding of consumer behaviour and digital marketing trends, Digiblend can facilitate strategies that deliver robust online visibility and customer engagement for CORUM Investments.

The shared vision of Digiblend and CORUM Investments goes beyond merely increasing visibility. It is a strategic alliance formed to revolutionize how investment services are accessed and experienced by customers in the digital age. The initiatives propelled by this partnership will not only increase CORUM's Dutch market share but also prove instrumental in shaping the future of real estate investment within the digital realm.

An exciting journey lies ahead. With the combined forces of Digiblend's digital prowess and CORUM's unrivaled investment solution, the Dutch market is primed for a revolutionary transformation that will disrupt traditional norms and set new benchmarks for success in the real estate investments sector.


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