Verdict in favor: Catalyzing a 320% lead surge

The transformation of a law firm's growth strategy.

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  • Strategic Digital Transformation: Fakiri & van Beuningen, in partnership with Digiblend, implemented a tailored online marketing strategy, signifying a substantial shift towards digital innovation.
  • Substantial Growth: The executed strategy resulted in a remarkable 320% increase in premium leads, indicating a significant rise in client acquisition.
  • Increased Engagement & Conversion: The firm documented a 25% growth in conversion rates and a 120% rise in visitor interactions, marking improved online channel efficiency and heightened customer engagement.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Emphasizing continuous improvement, the firm reinforced its market positioning through insightful, data-centric decision-making processes for future strategies.
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Transforming Fakiri & van Beuningen's growth strategy

Fakiri & van Beuningen, a prestigious law firm in the Netherlands, aimed to amplify their market share and maximize growth potential in a competitive legal landscape. Partnering with Digiblend, they tailored an online marketing strategy that led to a remarkable 320% increase in high-quality leads. The digital growth story of Fakiri & van Beuningen attests the power of collaboration and innovative digital strategies, influencing significant market expansion and fostering growth in challenging landscapes.

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Pursuing business expansion in a competitive landscape

In the increasingly competitive legal sector in the Netherlands, Fakiri & van Beuningen, a prominently recognized law firm, sought expansion of their market share. The challenge involved tactically innovating their growth avenues and enhancing their overall market standing.

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The transformation: Digital innovation through personalized strategy

A customized online marketing strategy was constructed in collaboration with Fakiri & van Beuningen. Emphasizing personalized messaging and the effective use of social proof, this approach aimed to maximize audience engagement and established a significant online presence for the brand.

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Quantifiable improvements & Strategic growth

Substantial achievements marked the course of this strategic transformation. A surge of 320% in premium leads signified a remarkable rise in client acquisition. Additionally, the firm documented a 25% upswing in conversion rates, indicating enhanced online channel efficiency. Visitor interactions, reflecting customer engagement, grew by 120%. Prioritizing improvement for future strategies, data-centric decision-making processes were enacted. These cumulative efforts fortified Fakiri & van Beuningen’s market positioning and cultivated a formidable presence within the online platform of the legal sector.

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Dramatic lead increase through tailored marketing.



Enhanced conversion via stronger digital optimization.



Focused content boosted user interaction.



Data-driven processes fuel continual improvements.