Vine to Victory: Our wine gift market strategy

From market player to leader in customized wine gifts

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  •, a distinguished online purveyor of customized wine gifts, encountered an uphill battle breaking into a market replete with dominant, well-established brands.
  • To address this challenge, a strategic alliance was established with Digiblend, resulting in a refined marketing blueprint characterized by bespoke campaigns, a wide-ranging tactics, and a comprehensive tracking system.
  • This innovative association with Digiblend paved the way for a robust digital marketing methodology, efficiently augmenting brand visibility and effectively engaging potential clientele across a multitude of platforms.
  • Consequently, attained robust growth with a 600% increase in online revenue, a significant 80% of which was a direct result of these successful online promotional efforts.
  • The marked upturn in digital marketing not only fueled online sales but concurrently stimulated offline sales efforts, notably enhancing customer retention, broadening customer engagement, and amplifying the Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV).
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Redefining luxury wine gifting is an esteemed online platform that specializes in a distinctive offering of delivering fine wines placed in robust and stylish wine boxes. Designed to meet the tastes of wine connoisseurs, its efficient delivery system assures expedient delivery, ensuring customer satisfaction at all times. A distinguishing factor of's service is their ability to provide customers with the option of personalizing their wine boxes by printing a unique text or logo, adding a personal touch to the gift. They meticulously balance style, quality, and prompt service, designing a unique customer experience that fosters trust and loyalty.

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Gaining traction in a dominated market

The company faced a daunting challenge in generating new clients via online marketing within the competitive terrain of the wine and gifting industry. Their journey was complicated by the formidable presence of well-established brands with significant market share. Gaining traction in this saturated market place was a significant obstacle, as customer loyalty to these prevalent brands was a barrier to entry. This scenario necessitated innovative strategies and unique differentiators to attract online customers and establish visibility amidst the sea of competitors.

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Building alliances: Powering robust online advertising

Navigating a fiercely competitive landscape, a strategic alliance was forged with Digiblend. This partnership aimed to carve out a sophisticated marketing plan defined by tailored campaign initiatives and wide-reaching approach. Within this collaboration, purpose-built campaigns were designed, specifically catering to the company's target market. With a multi-channel marketing strategy in place, potential clients across various platforms were effectively engaged, amplifying the brand's visibility. Integral to this methodology was the incorporation of a robust tracking mechanism, facilitating systematic monitoring of each campaign's progress and the brand's interaction with its audience. Drawing upon data-driven insights, dynamic course corrections were implemented, thereby ensuring a continued trajectory of efficiency and success within the realm of online customer acquisition.

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From market player to leader in customized wine gifts

Following the execution of the marketing strategy, substantial benefits were realized, transforming the brand's online footprint. Unprecedented growth was observed, with online revenue witnessing a staggering 600% upsurge. A significant portion of this financial uplift, over 80%, was attributable to the online advertising efforts. This surge promoted not just an elevation in online sales, but equally stimulated a propel in offline sales efforts. At the same time, customer retention saw a considerable increase, especially in the domain of organic search. This led to an uptick in both returning customers and Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV), indicating stronger customer loyalty and engagement. These combined efforts culminated in a record-breaking year in terms of online revenue, establishing as a front-runner in delivering personalized wine gifts to customers.

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Online revenue jumped 600% from marketing efforts.



Over 80% of financial uplift due to online advertising.


Organic search drove increased customer retention and CLTV.


Online ad surge elevated offline sales efforts.